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The construction of the Monument of St. John Paul II with our good deeds

Ladies And Gentlemen,

The Polish Parliament adopted the Year of St. John Paul II on 5 December 2014- "a sense of moral obligation and a deep respect for the character who has had such a significant impact on the fate of not only our nation, but for the whole of the modern world". The figure beloved John Paul II always make any exceptional mobilization of the Polish nation, as well as the peoples of other countries, to improve their living and working on yourself. On this occasion, we, the spiritual children of St. John Paul II, wish to express our love and thank God for the Holy Father, Saint John Paul II, a great gift for the Poland and the world.

At this special time we ask all people of good will to help in the construction of the statue of St. John Paul II, gratitude for His pontificate. Worldwide, there are plenty of all sorts of works of architecture devoted to the Great Pole, it does not prevent that created another, exceptional, unique, made with our good deeds.

In honor of our Great compatriot we want to build a monument of our good deeds, such as, among others: selfless help for those in need, especially those hopeless humanly, daily gestures of kindness towards another human being overcoming the reluctance to exercise, laziness and self-indulgence, relentless fight against their own weaknesses and the forces of evil, forgiveness of wrongs, remission of punishment, daily effort to more "be" rather than "have", taking bold initiatives in legitimate cases despite the difficulties and inconveniences, submission of witness of faith and hope, prayer flowing from the heart, sharing with the needy, both of these resources that we remain, as well as those that are not enough for ourselves, help in the care of the sick, infirm, care for the education of our own and other people.

Every good deed relative to each other or neighbor, one of forgiveness, one effort, this is our contribution to the construction of the monument - one grain. The quality of grains depends on the amount of good deeds: they may be grains of sand, silver, gold or diamonds. It all depends on how much we want to get involved. The need 7 billion particles of ore to complete the construction of the monument

We choose so, how generous we want and we can be !? Will our contribution be diamond or out of the sand? Here we are all equal, there is no richer or the poor, anyone can change himself for the better and help the others. All, however, we need to go beyond our comfort zone, beyond our own frailties and limitations to actively build a world based on social solidarity, to love, just St. John Paul II taught us. We remember !?

 Let this expression of our commitment to the construction of the monument of St. John Paul II, CONSTRUCTION OF CIVILIZATION OF LOVE in the immediate area will be an expression of our love and gratitude to God for St. John Paul II, a gift for the Polish nation and the whole world.

Your faithfully

JPII Family

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